NORTHFIELD — Brenda Delaney of Northfield decided that since she couldn’t be with her grandchildren in person for the Easter holiday, she would don a realistic Easter Bunny costume and visit them from a distance.

She then took it a step further and posted on social media that the “Easter Bunny” would be hopping up Main Street to the Northfield town green, dropping “eggs” along the way, and giving special surprises to all children who opened their front door.

Word spread quickly and several families were standing in front of their homes with their children, one family sat on a wooden bench in the middle of the Northfield green, awaiting the Bunny’s arrival, and another family parked their jeep off road near the green for a better view of the approaching Easter icon.

All children were rewarded with blowing bubbles bottles and chocolates, and 200 plastic Easter eggs were deposited along the path.

Connecticut Media Group