HARWINTON — Sean Hunt, a veteran, and his wife Holly Hunt, a young couple that is very family-oriented, were faced with the reality that large gatherings are counter intuitive in the era of COVID-19.

Although their family tradition has been to share Easter Sunday together, they decided instead to make meals and deliver them to friends, family and co-workers who would be celebrating alone on the holiday.

They delivered a total of 30 elaborate meals that they began putting together the day before Easter Sunday, including for a friend who had lost her husband, friends whose father was hospitalized, and an aunt who is a nurse spending the holiday in lockdown in an RV placed on the nursing home campus.

Sean said, “We had received a pellet smoker for Christmas so we used that to make chicken or ham, accompanied with pineapple stuffing, mixed vegetables, mashed potatoes, a roll with butter, a salad with dressing in a small cup, and either tuxedo cake or white wedding cake.”

Holly added, “We wanted to make sure everyone we cared about had a good holiday.”

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