MORRIS — Morris Public Library is offering programs for all ages, on its many social media platforms, through the remainder of March and April, according to an email from the library. The programs are as follows:

What are you reading or what have you recently read?

Have you just finished an engaging fiction book, or a fact-accurate non-fiction read (digitally or a print version)? Or you may have read just magazines, newspapers on your device?

Share with us!

Submit a picture of your book, and/or your comment/review to one of the platforms the Morris Public Library uses.

You can choose many ways to interact: post to/comment on our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter pages, email to or mail a physical letter to us!

Other online engagements coming soon — live-streaming stories and book groups!

Follow us online:, Facebook - @morris.library.ct, Twitter -@morrislibraryct, and Instagram page - @morrislibraryct

POSTPONED, Date to Be Announced - “The Wildlife Outside Your Window!” Morris Public Library, Tuesday, April 14, at 4 p.m.

You don’t need to travel any further than your local natural area or even your backyard to find some amazing wild animals. Did you know a bull moose can weigh 1200 lbs.? Or that a porcupine has over 30,000 quills? How about a box turtle living over 60 years?

Join White Memorial Conservation Center’s Community Outreach Coordinator Marlow Shami at the Morris Public Library as she guides you through the menagerie of animals we have right here in CT. We’ll make it into a fun “show and tell” quiz game with lots of touchable props. You’ll even get to meet a couple live animals up close and personal!

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