TORRINGTON — Four well-known local artists recently held an exhibition at Five Points Gallery, one in spirit only. Ernest Bozenhard Barker, who died April 12, 2019, was a writer, painter, wood-worker, furniture craftsman and art teacher. His one-of-a-kind pieces of furniture are carved out of burl, allowing the wood’s grain to be mutated, creating unique visual effects. Copies of his novel “Sumner: Girls, Guns & Airoplanes” were also for sale at the exhibition.

Lori Barker blends nature and spirituality into an exploration into the rhythms of life. Her work accentuates the poetry and colors that live beneath the surface, where layers of paper, paint, wood, fabric, metal and images come alive to create an altered world. The couple was predestined to be together when Ernie spied her as a young redhead walking past his window, exclaiming “That’s the girl I’m going to marry.”

Gail Jacobson’s artwork featured small prints using pressed foliage fashioned into arrangements that are reminiscent of bouquets or meadows, both fantastical and real. Her cynosure piece was a large clock titled “Major Funkhouser’s Clock,” referencing Major M.L.C. Funkhouser, a member of the 1920s era Chicago Crime Commission charged with censoring the “naughty bits” of movies. Evidently, he was saving the cut-outs for his own exhibition at lodge meetings.

With a background in engineering, Jeff Jacobson builds custom-made lighting emphasizing mechanics and proper engineering techniques. The stainless-steel lamp titled “Geared to Go” was created with components from a 1931-32 Alfa Romeo Tipo B, “P3” Grand Prix Racer including the engine/chassis #5006.

The Gallery Annex is located at 17 Water Street in Torrington. For more details, please visit or call 860-618-7222.

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