TORRINGTON — Five Points Gallery, 33 Main St., will open three concurrent exhibitions, “True Blue,” a group show; “Helpless,” a mixed-media installation by Ellen Hackl Fagan; and “Water and Light,” photographs by emerging artist Clark Leonard. The three exhibits run from July 17 to Aug. 22.

“True Blue,” the group exhibition in the West Gallery, features work by four women artists who work within a variety of styles but are all using various shades of blue in their work. Blue is thought to induce calm and convey serenity and peace. It reduces stress and conveys confidence. Within her expansive paintings, Patricia Carrigan, often will layer several surfaces and images. As she paints, there is a push and pull with the imagery, revealing or masking aspects relating to her memories and heritage. Her current work focuses on issues of direction, on where she’s been in life and where she may go.

With a focus on texture, brushstrokes and transparency, Emilia Dubicki’s large-scale works reflect the motion and gesture she observes on the scenic routes she travels on a daily basis. “The paintings are also about questions. How do I paint thoughts? How do I paint sound or emotion? I work on a painting with these ideas and certain visuals in mind. The process of painting is a continuous search for the truth,” Dubicki said in a statement.

Informed by her yoga and Tai Chi practice, Barbara Hocker’s work exudes a sense of calm. Within her ongoing series, Barbara combines digital photographs of water (streams, rivers, lakes, and sea) along with abstract hand painted evocations of the phenomenology of water. Combining these, she creates woven mixed media pieces, and handmade artist books that explore layering, translucency, and reflection, according to the statement.

Using pattern, Andra Samelson explores the relationship between the microcosm and macrocosm, the celestial and the terrestrial. Samelson makes use of the instinctive and immediate qualities of drawing by creating linear arrangements within the surface of her paintings.

The East Gallery presents “Helpless,” a multi-media installation by New York artist Ellen Hackl Fagan, whose use of layered blue pigments creates a surface similar to that of a cyanotype. The exhibition will feature paintings and sculptures inspired by the night sky after witnessing a recent rare conjunction of the planets Venus and Mercury. Taking that experience back to her studio, she began working on recreating the stars and planets as the lyrics from Neil Young’s “Helpless” echoed in her head, she said.

The TDP Gallery features work by emerging CT artist Clark Leonard, whose exhibition “Water and Light” features photographs of waves under new perspectives. By combining his love of photography and surfing, Clark documents his experience using waterproof housing equipment on his camera. By being in the water and photographing the walls of water that arch over him, he captures unique tunnels that accentuate the light and changing colors of the ocean.

Five Points follows the state’s COVID-19 guidelines. Due to Covid-19, Connecticut State Health and Safety Mandates, there will be no opening reception. Virtual tours will be available on the Five Points website, Five Points will also present a Virtual Artists Panel Discussion.

Gallery hours are Friday, Saturday and Sunday, 1-5 p.m. and by appointment. There is no admission charge. Five Points exhibitions and educational events are free and open to the public. All visitors inside the gallery are required to wear a mask and observe social distancing protocols.

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