TORRINGTON — Five Points Gallery, located at 33 Main Street in downtown Torrington, will open three new exhibitions. In the East Gallery, “CIPHER: Works from Another Country Quilt Cycle,” features work from DARNstudio, a collaboration of multidisciplinary artists David Anthone and Ron Norsworthy. The West Gallery features paintings of women by Diane Messinger in her exhibition “Undercover.” Stanwyck Cromwell will be showing his mixed media works in “Migration and Adaptation” in the TDP Gallery. The three exhibitions will run from Nov. 20 - Dec. 20, according to an email from the gallery.

Artists Anthone and Norsworthy of DARNstudio, created large-format unconventional quilts made from matchbooks and cotton thread. Like their Underground Railroad predecessors, the quilts featured in “CIPHER: Works from Another Country Quilt Cycle,” are symbolic signposts and contain messages conveyed within their materials, patterns, and stitching. The matchbooks depict logos of places, businesses or communities where unarmed people of color have lost their lives, predominantly at the hands of law enforcement. The cycle’s symbolism is inspired by nineteenth century quilts believed to be used by abolitionists as markers to help the enslaved on their fraught journeys out of bondage.

Messinger’s large paintings, featured in “Undercover,” investigate the complexities of relationships and the range of human emotion delving into oppression, conflict and violence. The works are rich with symbolism and layered with personal history, chronicling a struggle which embraces despair, moves through anger and ultimately arrives at revelation, proving that despite our fragility and vulnerability, we are capable of great courage and strength.

Guyanese-born artist Cromwell’s exhibition “Migration and Adaptation” reflects on his experiences moving to the United States. His autobiographical work often creates a visual kaleidoscope, using references to color, patterns and textures from his cultural heritage. He states, “The mixing of cultures has been a major driving force that has helped me in maintaining the vibrancy in my palette. For me personally, colors are linguistic, through which I’m able to express myself visually in conversations, while engaging the viewer.”

Five Points will be following the State of Connecticut’s COVID-19 reopening guidelines. Due to COVID-19 Connecticut State Health and Safety Mandates, there will be no opening reception. Five Points will present a Virtual Zoom Artist Talk on Friday, Dec. 4, at 6 p.m.

Gallery hours are: Tuesday, Thursday, 1 - 4 p.m.; Friday, Saturday and Sunday, 1 p.m. - 5 p.m.; and by appointment. There is no admission charge. Five Points exhibitions and educational events are free and open to the public. All visitors inside the gallery are required to wear a mask and observe social distancing protocol.

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