WASHINGTON — The Judy Black Memorial Park and Gardens has a new exhibit of works, “School Lunch” by Lisa DeLoria Weinblatt. The show is on view to Dec. 30.

Weinblatt is a figurative painter whose imagery is informed through personal experience, memory and direct observation. The paintings comprising “School Lunch” present images concerning the nature and passions of relationships. This series is a pictorial essay of contemporary student life, in real educational settings. Contemporary cross-cultural issues and their emotional attitudes are explored in the shared experience of school lunch. The show is generated from direct observation, drawing on location, afternoons in the lunchrooms of high schools, university and college campuses, according to a statement.

Each individual, as well as those in group interactions, in Ms. Weinblatt’s paintings is drawn in the moment. Everyone in these paintings is an actual person. The paintings seek to promote discussion and understanding of one another, while encouraging tolerance and acceptance, according to the statement.

The exhibit underlines perceptions which affirm cultural identity, brings together ideas espousing contemporary social justice, gender and political concerns while encouraging a belief in the quality of human spirit. The artist’s objectives include continuing to forge a bridge connecting a multi-cultural society with achievement through cooperation and acceptance, according to the statement.

The doors are open most Sundays, Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays. The artist will be at the gardens 11 a.m.-2 p.m. Saturdays. To visit, email in advance to events@thejudyblackparkandgardens.org

The Judy Black Memorial Park and Gardens’ mission is to create a gathering place in Washington that invites friends and neighbors to relax, learn, play and share all that our community offers. As the literal and figurative role as the town square; it is a place that welcomes artists, musicians, actors, dancers and audiences of all ages. It is home to outdoor movies, farmers markets, children’s arts and crafts, holiday celebrations, tributes to town volunteers, art exhibits, and much more. Learn more about our ongoing community programs and events calendar or how to make a donation at thejudyblackparkandgardens.org

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