2 pairs of artists collaborate for Washington Art Association exhibit

Dudley Zopp and Susan Bogle Finnegan, "Dissolving Messages," 1993, charcoal, acrylic, chalk on paper.

WASHINGTON DEPOT — “Side by Side: Process and Collaboration” an exhibit featuring artists Joseph Byrne, John Willis, Dudley Zopp and Susan Bogle Finnegan will be hosted by the Washington Art Association & Gallery, 4 Bryan Memorial Plaza, Washington Depot according to a news release from organizers.

The exhibit runs from through August 4.

This summer exhibition brings together two pairs of artists where collaboration has been a significant part of their process and influential in their individual work. Willis’ and Byrnes’ collaboration has involved an initial critique session of their drawings, an exchange of each others’ work, “living” with the pieces, and ultimately meeting again to share in-depth dialogue.

Zopp’s and Finnegan’s year-long collaboration took place when they both lived in Louisville, Kentucky. Their process involved “dialogues” on large format drawing paper using various drawing materials and eventually paint. These drawings happened on the spot, purposefully eliminated any verbal exchange and developed a system of investigation for each artist.

One of the interesting differences in process between the artist pairs is the element of time. Byrne/Willis give a greater amount of space and time in considering each other’s work on individual formats. Zopp/Finnegan have had a process of direct exchange on a shared format that has included the immediacy of direct response.

These collaboration experiences have been ways to access valuable insights into the working process and are useful counterpoints to the solitary artist in the studio.

Joseph Byrne is a painter and Professor of Fine Arts at Trinity College, Hartford.

John Willis is a sculptor and printmaker and Associate Professor of Printmaking at Hartford Art School, University of Hartford.

Dudley Zopp is a painter and installation artist. She has had visiting artist positions and residencies at universities and colleges.

Susan Bogle Finnegan is a painter and visiting professor at Trinity College and a part-time professor at the Hartford Art School, University of Hartford.

Dudley Zopp lives in Lincolnville, Maine, while Byrne, Willis, and Finnegan all live in West Hartford.