TORRINGTON — Torrington Historical Society, 192 Main Street, Torrington, announces a new exhibition, Through the Lens: Torrington Photographs 1870 – 1970. The exhibit is open through Oct. 31.

Through the Lens: Torrington Photographs 1870 – 1970 focuses on the work of several local photographers, both professional and amateur, who are well represented in the Society’s collection. Photos include the work of Christie Siebert, F.O. Hills, Sidney Jennings and Thomas Wootton. Also featured in this exhibit are images from the Charles Harris Photo Album, acquired by the Society in 2018. The album features approximately 80 photographs of downtown Torrington from the late teens through the early 1930s.

The majority of images featured in the exhibit have been selected from large photographic collections, recently acquired for the Museum collection. In addition, the exhibit features some of the earliest photographs of Torrington, photos that have been in the Society’s collection since its inception 75 years ago. Original images, including albumen prints, glass-plate negatives, black and white prints and color slides were digitized and enlarged so that visitors to the exhibit can study the fascinating details.

Views of Torrington and scenes of daily life include: downtown Torrington in the 1870s with its wooden buildings, dirt roads, and early factories; bird’s-eye views of Torrington; a turn of the 20th century birthday party; O&G truck moving a small building along a north end street as neighborhood children look on; photos of various businesses from the late 19th century through the 1970s.

Hours are Tuesday to Saturday, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Admission is free; donations are welcome.

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