Torrington’s Jacque Williams releases new song

Singer-songwriter Jacque Williams is releasing a new EP.

TORRINGTON — Jacque Williams (“Jacque J.J.”), a personality on WAPJ Torrington Community Radio and a recording artist, recently released a new single, “America the Beautiful?”

“Compelled by the current politically charged environment in our nation and the belief that “art” is a way to bring people and ideas together, Williams began writing again after a long absence from performing and songwriting,” according to a statement. “The present national unrest brought his ideas to light and he was determined to bring local artists together for a cause. The next step was to bring his original songwriting into the recording studio.”

The single, “America the Beautiful?” was be released Oct. 30. “The single’s provocative lyrics and alternative groove makes the listener think,” according to the statement. “With honest lyrical content and strong musical melody, the point of injustice is brought home through rap and melodic vocal lines. Loosely based on the recent national protests, the lyrics give a voice to the inequities facing Americans today. His goal in writing “America the Beautiful?” was a hopeful change in people’s perspectives.

“Though the single will be released nationally, I am hopeful that it will be embraced by my own local community of Torrington Connecticut, in opening opportunities for dialogue at home,” Williams said

The upcoming EP, slated for release in December, will include additional “thought provoking” tracks in “Ode to Chicago” and “Justice for All”. A portion of the proceeds of the EP will go to “Culture for a Cause,” Williams’ 501c3 non-profit organization, to be shared with other nonprofits in northwest Connecticut.

During his 10 year hiaitus from the recording studio, Williams now hosts “The Feel Good Show” on WAPJ and the local cable show, “City Views.”

"I felt compelled to return to the recording studio to create a social commentary piece to address some of these issues that tear at the fabric of our country,” Williams said.

Williams is joined by Mick Connolly, Meg Capen, Kris Jensen and Lucinda Rowe in recording “America the Beautiful?” The tracks were recorded at the Red Room Sound Studio in Torrington.

For more information, call Jacque Williams Entertainment at 860-480-9676.

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