WASHINGTON DEPOT — The “Points of View” exhibition showcases photographs from members of the Washington Art Association in a group exhibit of 63 images. The title, “Points of View,” also applies to the curating of the work. Chris Zaima and Hugh O’Donnell have selected this work and it reflects their “point of view” of 17 individual artists that share the commonality of living and working in the context of this area of Connecticut.

The show is not thematic or intended to portray any singular vision. The work rather presents a wide range of images that are portals into 17 singular world views. We see what they see. The work reveals the rural and intimate context of this region and beyond. We see changing seasons, its wild life from barely macroscopic organic life to strange weather manifestations in the revolving skies above us. We see stolen moments salvaged from pausing in astonishment at the light moving across the glass ware in the kitchen, to roaming the Litchfield hills, to speeding in a water taxi through the canals of Venice. These artists invite you to join them on their walks, their meditations and their travels.

The exhibition also is designed to be a place for all to co-exist in a unified installation. To do this we requested a certain tolerance from the artists in regard to display technique. The work is deliberately shown here without any idiosyncratic preferences for framing. The decision to crop most of the work to the bleeding edge of the image was a curatorial choice to create an even hanging and to minimize visual noise that may distract from the work.

“Points of View” shows from April 27 to June 8, with an opening reception Saturday, April 27 from 4 to 6 p.m. Washington Art Association & Gallery is located at 4 Bryan Memorial Plaza, Washington Depot. Call 860-868-2878, email info@washingtonartassociation.org, or visit https://bit.ly/2vfqFPz for more information.

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