BANTAM — A colonial home built in 1755 has found a new life as a contemporary art gallery.

Artur Matuszewski, owner of the new amArtHouse gallery, was born in Poland and emigrated to Manhattan where he studied fine art, eventually finding his calling in curating large art shows in New York and Europe.

“My dream from many years ago was to have my own arts center with curated collections,” he said. “When I found this remarkable house and property for sale, I knew it was the perfect location. It took four years of renovation, doing a lot of the work myself since I wanted to preserve the integrity of the building. There are three acres in the back and I will be adding paths and benches where people can talk about art.”

The inaugural exhibition opened on Oct. 2 with a wine reception featuring Richard Pitts, a prominent artist of the post-war art movement in New York. At age 81, Pitts still creates bold, colorful and diverse artworks which are currently featured inside the gallery and on the lawns.

“I am inspired by the idea that my work is not just placed in the landscape, but that it creates a landscape and, in turn, the landscape creates the sculpture,” said Pitts, a resident of New Albany, Pa.

A full collection of his sculptures, paintings, prints, and drawings are on view in gallery one. Recent work by Chris Kelly, Robert Messyasz, Mario Busoni and Steven Lowy is also on view in gallery two.

Messyasz, of East Rutherford, N.J., described his atmospheric lamps as “functional art created with steel and fine points of welding.”

Kelly, of East Hampton, N.Y., said his geometric abstracts, the largest being 60 inches by 60 inches, are oils and pencil on canvas. Busoni, of New York, discussed his terra cotta and patinated figurines.

Lowy, of Kent, has established a presence in the art world with over 35 years of experience as a gallery owner, independent curator, private art advisor and exhibiting artist. His newest work in solar sculpture is an outgrowth of his longstanding interest in alternative energy.

amArtHouse is located at 1062 Bantam Road in Bantam. Those interested in making a viewing appointment should call 212-696-1807 or email

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