Bethlehem: Celebrity dog trainer to give free webinar

Brian Kilcommons

BETHLEHEM – Brian Kilcommons, a celebrity dog trainer and owner of Great Pets Resort, a dog boarding and training facility, will be presenting a free weekly webinar beginning mid-February.

The webinar will take on-air questions and lifestyle suggestions for dog owners, and include Kilcommons’ own recommendations for the best products in clean-up, toys, treats, grooming, and separation anxiety. For more information on the webinar, send an email to or call 833-GRT-PETS.

Great Pets Resort, which is fully licensed and insured, only houses a certain number of dogs at a time so that each pet has the full attention of Kilcommons and his assistants.

The business features a large lounge where pets are invited to sit on the couch, watch television, or chew one of the many dog toys scattered inside and outdoors in an expansive fenced-in playground. Artificial grass is used since that is easier to clean and more sanitary, according to Kilcommons.

Kilcommons said he tells dog owners to start training and working on communication as soon as the dog comes home with them. “A number of dogs that I train came from puppy mills and need special attention. I designed the training facility with my own dog in mind and we provide real-life training surroundings,” he said.

Kilcommons is the author of two books on dog training: “Your Dog: An Owner’s Manual,” which was co-written with Sarah Wilson; and “My Smart Puppy,” his most recent book.

He has worked with the dogs of celebrities such as Harrison Ford, Henry Kissinger, and Barbara Woodhouse, whose television series “Training Dogs the Woodhouse Way” premiered on BBC in 1980.

Kilcommons also served as a CBS Morning News investigative reporter, appeared on Oprah Winfrey’s Show, hosted the Fox News channel “Pet News,” and taught at Tufts Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine. He was given the Dr. Steve Kritsick Memorial Award from the New York State Veterinary Medical Society for his impact on animals in the media.

To new clients, he uses the acronym TEAM: Tone, Emotion, Attitude and Movement to describe positive training. He also stresses that it should be fun for both the dog and its owner.

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