Litchfield dispute mediators help take a load off courts’ backlog

Stephanie Weaver, left, and Mary Bingham, are partners in Litchfield County Center for Dispute Resolution, LLC.

LITCHFIELD — As many businesses are currently closed or struggling, two attorneys have launched a new, and timely business: the Litchfield County Center for Dispute Resolution. This is the first ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) center of its kind in the Litchfield Hills, and there are only a few others in the state of Connecticut.

Stephanie Weaver has practiced law for over 32 years in the areas of Family Law, Commercial Real Estate, Residential Real Estate, Real Estate Litigation, Contract & Business Law, and Estate Planning. She established her law practice in Litchfield in 1992 and continues to help her clients at Law Offices of Stephanie M. Weaver, LLC. A graduate of the University of Connecticut School of Law, she is currently a member of several associations and boards, including Litchfield County Board of Realtors, where she is Board Counsel.

Mary Brigham has been practicing law for the past 33 years. She began her career in the commercial litigation department of a large firm, and later moved her practice to a litigation boutique where she continued practicing in the area of commercial litigation and employment law. She has been trained in mediation and parenting coordination and has expanded her practice to include divorce, child custody and financial disputes.

Stephanie Weaver notes that ADR centers will remain open for mediations, arbitrations and to resolve interim issues while the court system remains closed to the public on all but emergency issues during the continuing pandemic. Court systems are changing case scheduling a year out. Mediation and arbitration through the ADR process offer a nimble, and more cost-effective alternative to lengthy and costly court resolution.

In addition to the two partners, they have a panel of “neutrals,” who are professional and experienced mediators, to aid the parties in resolving the controversy. These individuals will be available to help with a case for which they have a breadth of experience, including probate judges in the practice area.

LCCDR offers mediation and arbitration services in the areas of contracts and business disputes, custody and parenting issues, divorce, employment disputes, personal injury claims, and probate and real estate disputes through either in-person visits or video-conferencing, both offering a private alternative to litigation.

“Once it is feasible, we plan a Grand Opening to invite the public,” Stephanie Weaver said. Mary Bingham agreed, “Litigation takes a toll on the attorney and their clients. I would like to see the transition from litigation to mediation. It’s a better quality of life and more confidential, since no one is listed on a public court docket.”

Litchfield County Center for Dispute Resolution, LLC has two locations: 21 South Street, Litchfield; and 39 Sherman Hill Road, Woodbury.

The contacts for both sites are by phone, 860-600-4200 and email, Center hours for both sites are Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Details are available at

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