Contested races for first selectmen resulted in an incumbent win for Litchfield and a new first selectman for Goshen after voters went to the polls Tuesday.

In Litchfield, First Selectwoman Denise Raap, a Democrat, was elected to a second term in office with 1,724 votes, defeating Republican challenger Daniel Martineau, who received 1,317 votes

On the Board of Selectmen, Democrat Jeff Zullo was the top vote-earner with 1,553 votes. Repubicans Jon Torrant and Christine Harding won with 1,539 and 1,406 votes, respectively. Democrat Jodiann Tenney received 1,375 votes.

Incumbent Town Clerk Lisa Losee, a Republican, was reelected with 2,230 votes, as was Republican Town Treasurer Fran Carpentier with 2,150 votes, and Tax Collector Helen Ruwet Bunnell with 2,158 votes.

For the Board of Finance, Republicans Patricia Dauten and Elliot Fuessenich won with 1,782 and 1,596 votes, respectively; Democrat Matt Blasavage received 1,535 votes.

Winning candidates for the Board of Education were Republicans Wayne Shuhi with 1,535 votes and Lynn Murphy with 1,500 votes. Democrats elected were Tina Reardon with 1,646 votes and Tim Breslin with 1,533 votes.

For the Planning and Zoning Commission, Town Clerk Lisa Losee said a recount will determine the winners. “There was a tie for the third seat,” she said Wednesday. “So we have to go over those again.”

According to the Secretary of the State’s website, Republican John Cox was the top vote-getter with 1,460 votes, followed by Peter Dauten with 1,504 votes. Republican Max McIntyre received 1,370 votes. Democrat Burke Gibney also received 1,370 votes, followed by Robert Lupo with 1,291 votes and Michael LaHart with 1,220 votes.

In Goshen Tuesday, Republican Todd Carusillo defeated challenging Democrat Peter Kujawski, 669 to 586 for the first selectman job. Longtime Republican First Selectman Robert Valentine did not run for reelection this year.

For the Board of Selectmen, Democrat Dexter Kinsella won with 630 votes, as did Republican Mark Harris with 635 votes.

Incumbent Republican Town Clerk Barbara Breor was reelected with 997 votes, while and Republican Town Treasurer Matthew Sweet won with 954 votes.

For the Board of Finance, Valentine was elected with 870 votes; Democrat Kimberly Sage won a spot with 513 votes.

For the Board of Assessment Appeals, Democrat Audrey Blondin was elected with 485 votes; Republican Donna Molon won with 862 votes.

In the Planning and Zoning Commission race, Democrat Cynthia Barret won with 634 votes, and Republican Patrick Lucas won with 798 votes.

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