Repairs are underway on four railroad bridges on the rail line in the New Milford area.

The rehabilitation project is expected to cost $8.6 million and is fully funded with state bonds. It is expected to be completed in September, state Department of Transportation spokesman Kevin Nursick said.

A nine-day closure began Friday so the work could be done on all of the bridges at the same time. It was coordinated with Housatonic Railroad, the sole operator on the line, which is only used for freight service.

The bridges are all classified as poor or serious condition, though only one of the projects is a traditional bridge, according to the DOT

The project was awarded to Northern Construction Service, New Milford Mayor Pete Bass said on Facebook while announcing the road closure.

“Avoid, if possible, to prevent any delays,” Bass said,

River Road is expected to be closed from 119 River Road to Rooster Tail Hollow until 5 p.m. Aug. 12.

It was built in 1900 and will be replaced with a 72-inch-diameter pipe. The design calls for jacking a reinforced concrete pipe through the embankment in the same spot. The existing headwall will be repaired and the endwalls replaced, according to DOT.

Two bridges will be replaced in Kent.

The bridge over a swamp in Kent will be replaced with a twin box culvert.

The bridge over Cobble Brook in Kent was built in 1900 and was originally meant to be slip-lined with a precast concrete liner as part of the project.

Right-of-way constraints reduced the scope of the project though, changing it to repointing masonry, filling the scour holes with grout bags and placing a relief slab between the rail and the top of the arch to reduce live load on the structure, according to DOT.

Canaan’s bridge was built in 1910 and crosses the Hollenbeck River.

This bridge will be completely replaced with a steel through girder superstructure on a concrete pile supported foundation, according to DOT.

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