Possum Queen fund-raiser in Litchfield keeps New Year’s tradition

Singer Ian Campbell (Elvis Presley) with wife Bynn Campbell (the Grinch) and son Ian Campbell, Jr.

LITCHFIELD — The Possum Queen Contest fund-raiser on New Year’s day in Litchfield is expected to help those affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

A small group of costumed supporters led by singer Ian Campbell (dressed as Elvis) on the Litchfield green raised $5,000 in donations by passersby, a Jan. 2 announcement said.

Possum Queen Foundation Vice President John Bongiorno and President Billy Neller hunkered down at Saltwater Grille in Litchfield for their operations center. They raised at least $11,000 on the green and had already raised around $32,000, the announcement said.

Bongiorno said, “We still have a lot of money to count. So far, we are doing great with our sponsors and the kindness of the community. We will have our auction online from the middle of January through February. This year was definitely different. That is an understatement for sure but we continue to move the chains even in this time. We had the online event that was well attended. We played past skits and went back and forth to the Green for updates. Possum North and Ron Peck did a great job with the chili on Old South Road and raised more money and awareness for the Possum Queen Foundation. I am so proud of how everyone within the possum organization and the community have come together to make this successful.”

The nonprofit Possum Queen Foundation had raised more than $60,000 and was fast-tracking to reprise its annual amount of $100,000, which will benefit local victims of the pandemic, the announcement said.

Donations can be given through www.possumqueenfoundation.org.

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