NEW PRESTON — Rebecca Christine’s Consignment Boutique is celebrating 10 years in business in April.

“Until I opened this boutique in 2009, I never really had a job I was passionate about,” owner Rebecca Moore explained.

After reading a book a friend gave her titled, “Life’s a Bitch and Then You Change Careers,” Moore began to reflect on what it is that she enjoys doing. “I was able to rediscover my passion for decorating, designing and clothing,” Moore said.

“As a child, I remember going up into the hay loft of my family’s barn and rearranging the hay bales to make it look like a house or a store. I love taking nothing and making it look like something.”

Moore never dreamed her passion for design and clothing would manifest itself in the form of a consignment shop, though. Shortly after reading the book, she was thrift shopping with a friend when they came across a consignment store.

“I opened the door, walked in and thought to myself, ‘This is it. I am going to open a consignment shop’,” she recalled. “It dawned on me so clearly; it was an ‘Aha’ moment.”

Moore knew she had made the right decision to open her own shop when all of the logistics so easily fell into place, right down to the post office box number she got.

“My post office box number is 2165 — I was born on the 21st of the month in the year ’65. It couldn’t have been more perfect. It was definitely a sign!”

From the moment the boutique opened, it has been a busy place. Moore has built up a loyal customer base, and has new customers on a weekly basis that come in to shop.

Moore carries mainly women’s clothing, shoes, handbags, jewelry and other accessories that are both designer and name brand. She also sells home goods such as candles, décor and furnishings.

She is able to put her passion to use by creating innovative and beautiful displays to showcase the clothing and accessories. “That’s probably one of my favorite parts of my job. I could spend hours rearranging the mannequins, display cases and store setup,” Moore said.

Her other favorite part of the business? “The people,” Moore said. “I love my customers.” Moore values the relationships she has built with customers throughout her 10-year journey as a shop owner.

“Shopping at a consignment store is a win-win for everyone,” Moore explained. “Customers can make a little money by selling me their clothes and save a little money by buying previously owned items all while supporting a local business.”

Moore takes items for consignment by appointment only. She accepts up to 15 clean, wrinkle-free items at a time. Shoppers can visit the boutique at 255 New Milford Turnpike, New Preston, between 11 a.m. and 5 p.m. Wednesday through Sunday, find her on Facebook, or call 860-619-0062 for information.

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