TORRINGTON — Sage Croci began a new stage of her life when her children were getting older and she “needed something to do.” She enrolled in Torrington Beauty Academy, then rented a chair at Thairapy Salon in the Renaissance Center in Litchfield. When the opportunity came up, she bought the business and changed it to Salon 202, ultimately moving to a larger-frontage building which she renovated in 2017. Shortly after that, Sarah Parks, Denee Longley, Francine Schwartz and later, Ariana Pearson Sweet joined her as chair renters.

In the Fall, she began to think ahead about how she needed to best accommodate her clients and coworkers Sage said, “I saw the available sign for a rental just two miles up the road and knew this larger space would be the perfect location for our clients, who come from all around Connecticut and even Massachusetts.” And then the challenges began.

“I signed the lease in January. We found out we had a zoning issue on March 2 (the space was a dentist’s office for many years.), just two days before I was to leave for London. I canceled that trip and then the COVID-19 shutdown of salons happened on March 17. We got our Zoning approval on June 10 and we began a very extensive remodeling project, including new insulation, sheetrock, flooring and a larger bathroom. Basically, a project that we planned to do over six months for a June 1 opening ended up being done in six weeks for an August 1 opening.”

Sage said that all parties involved put an extraordinary effort into meeting deadlines — from surveyors, lawyers, Planning and Zoning Commission to the contractors doing the work. There are still governmental restrictions on salons — distancing, sanitizing and face masks are required and the coffee bar and charming waiting room in the new space cannot be used yet, and only one client at a time is allowed.

“That means we all work long hours to accommodate our clients,” she said. “But the upbeat is that we now have a beautiful new space to welcome clients. Since we all have known each other for quite a while, we create a personalized and friendly vibe. We are looking forward to our Grand Opening once we figure out how to do that.”

Francine Schwartz said, “We all have fun together and love our clients; this doesn’t even feel like a job!”

Ariana Sweet agreed, “We like to make people smile — it’s our therapy.”

Salon 202 is located at 1185 New Litchfield Street, Torrington. For more information or to book an appointment, call 860-567-4247 or visit

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