Winchester: Don’t flush wipes, paper towels

The Winchester Department of Pubnlic Works is asking residents to refrain from flushing anything other than toilet tissue in their toilets.

WINCHESTER — As residents are using disinfecting wipes and paper towels to clean their homes during this COVID-19 outbreak, the Department of Public Works is urging residents to keep one thing in mind: Don’t flush them down the toilet.

The DPW, which provided the details in this announcement, is reminding people that these products are only “flushable” in the sense that they go down the toilet. Beyond that, these types of products have been known to wreak havoc with the rest of the sewer system. Problems have included the clogging of pipes, pumps, screens, filters and may even cause sewer backups into homes.

Wipes and paper towels do not break down like toilet paper does in water. They are stronger, and many wipes include plastics and materials like nylon. That means bad news for sewer systems.

With the use of these products, residents are advised to throw them into the trash. They should be treated as if they are garbage and disposed of in a sealed receptacle. Freezer bags or plastic bags from the supermarket can serve as a method to contain these waste products.

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