While Democratic state legislators think that the greatest social good is the contentment of government’s own employees, a close second is abortion. That’s why Democratic legislators are so concerned that several Republican senators have introduced legislation to require the consent of parents, guardians, or courts before an abortion can be performed on a minor girl. The Republican legislation presumes that there is a greater good than abortion -- protecting children against sex trafficking and rape.

For any minor girl’s pregnancy is at least statutory rape, a minor being unable as a matter of law to give informed consent. But being among the few states without a parental notification requirement for abortions for minors, Connecticut doesn’t want to know about the rape of children. Connecticut wants abortion to conceal the crime.

All this was on display 10 years ago when a 15-year-old girl long missing from her home in Bloomfield was discovered living with a 41-year-old man in West Hartford with whom she had been having a sexual relationship. The man impregnated her and then arranged for her abortion before returning her to his home. The abortion clinic did not report the rape to any authorities.

Ironically, even as the parental notification bills were being introduced and quickly opposed this month, several state agencies, including the Department of Children and Families and the state police, announced a program to train hotel and motel employees in how to identify cases of sex trafficking and sexual slavery, which usually involve the prostitution of children.

Opponents of parental notification say that minor girls seeking abortion are supposed to be “counseled” -- but there’s no assurance about the quality and politics of the counseling, and counseling is beside the point, since by definition minors are incapable of making serious decisions. Opponents also note that pregnancies of minors may result from rape by family members, making parental notification destructive of the family. But then such a family needs reforming, and a notification law can provide for alternatives, like a court.

Parental notification does not infringe on abortion rights. Rather, it recognizes that minors are not fully responsible for themselves and require adult or government supervision in important matters, which is why the law ordinarily forbids doctors from treating children without approval of their parents or guardians and even forbids tattoo artists from working on children without parental approval.

Lacking a notification requirement for abortions on minors, Connecticut overlooks and legitimizes child rape.

Illegals might be voting

President Trump has no evidence for his claim that he lost the popular vote because of illegal aliens. Hillary Clinton’s margin was nearly 3 million and it is wildly improbable that so many votes were cast for her illegally.

But Connecticut’s secretary of the state, Denise Merrill, shouldn’t dismiss Trump’s complaint entirely. For Connecticut requires no documentation of citizenship from people registering to vote, only documentation of residency, even as the state is full of “sanctuary” cities and “sanctuary” college campuses striving to obstruct enforcement of federal immigration law. Meanwhile, state government issues driver’s licenses, a primary form of identification, to people residing in the country illegally, just as New Haven issues city identification cards to city residents living in the country illegally.

Similar nullification of federal immigration law is taking place in other states, particularly in California and New York, where Clinton’s plurality came from.

So it is fair to suspect that this facilitation of illegal residency will extend to voting if it hasn’t done so already.

The president proposes a “major investigation into voter fraud.” There would be little need for that if states required documentation of citizenship for voter registration. Opposing such documentation, Democrats lend credence to Trump.

Chris Powell is managing editor of the Journal Inquirer in Manchester, Connecticut.