According to Wikipedia: “‘Carry That Weight’ is a Beatles song that was released on Abbey Road and part of the long, climactic medley that closes the album. It features vocals from all four Beatles (a rarity in their songs). The middle bridge, featuring brass instruments, electric guitar and vocals, reprises the beginning of ‘You Never Give Me Your Money,’ but with different lyrics. The ending also reprises the arpeggiated guitar motif from the end of that track, similar to the figure featured prominently in the George Hamilton-written tracks ‘Here Comes the Sun’ and ‘Badge’ (co-written by Harrison and Eric Clapton).”

My partner Rose and I routinely pick up boxes filled with books at an average weight of 20 pounds. We have ferried our two vehicles full of such boxes many times when picking up and dropping off, originally at our own homes — either in the basement or garage, and recently, my living and dining room. When someone asks can we pick up 350 children’s books at their home, the answer is always “Yes!” When someone asks can we come to their church and pick up 50 boxes of books that did not sell at their giant tag sale, the answer is always first, “Lord help us,” then “Yes!”

One of the many wishes my partner Rose Buckens and I have for our Little Free Library at StoneHill is a trailer, something small to fill with books and paraphernalia and pull behind a small car to events. We have put that need out to the universe, because you never know. When we needed more children’s books, display tables and a chalkboard, a friend of Rose’s invited us to her hugely impressive moving sale in Newtown, where we ended up taking home a lot of children’s books, two ingeniously light and portable tables and a chalkboard.

Recently, upon driving past one of my neighbors, we spied a small wood-side sturdy trailer that would be perfect. The next day, I dropped by to inquire about buying it. There was no answer to my knocking three days in a row. I now think my neighbors have departed, since I have been not just knocking on doors but peering into windows, which I suppose, technically, is trespassing. There’s been no sign of life. The funny thing is the trailer changed position, making me think the owners have someone doing work at the house, since it’s for sale, and the trailer belongs to that individual. I promised Rose I’d keep an eye on it. This is the life of a Little Free Library steward.

My husband always donned a weight belt for heavy lifting. Lately, I’ve been shopping for one in my size. Maybe in pink and black. There are other perks that offset the heavy lifting, though, including meeting the most wonderful people and sharing our mission of building and planting 500 little free libraries in the Litchfield Hills. People have been so supportive and generous, it’s life-affirming. And also, when we picked up the 350 children’s books, the trip took us right past Anderson Cooper’s fabulous home. But I swear I wasn’t trespassing. Maybe Anderson would be interested to sponsor a small wood-side trailer for us. I’m spending a fortune on Tiger Balm and that would be a truly marvelous gift for our mission — just putting that out to the universe.

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