Jo Ann Jaacks: Gearing up for the best Happy Hour ever

A margarita with tequila infused with pineapple juice and jalapeno.

How will you celebrate when we reach the end of quarantine and disquiet?

OK, it's 4 p.m., which used to signal Happy Hour. We all have to get creative in making our own cocktails now and I recently came up with one I thought was a winner: Dulce Vida Tequila infused with pure pineapple juice and jalapenos for a kick, mixed with Jose Cuervo light Margarita mix (only 10 calories!) My cocktail sidekick, Lucky Duck, agreed that this new concoction could possibly beat out Blue Margarita, the previous favorite. And with the subtle sweetness of pineapple, it goes well with dessert — even parsnip cake.

And then there was the saga of the Missing Bandanna. I resisted getting a mask for a while, but then saw one of the hundreds of Facebook posts detailing how to easily make your own face mask, but this one really seemed to be a doable DIY project since all you needed was a bandanna. I didn’t have a bandanna but my brother offered to mail me one of his. He said he mailed it Priority Mail and it should be showing up in my mailbox soon.

I checked the tracking number often but the only updates indicated, basically, “It’s on the way.” It might indeed have been on the way but a week later, there was only the helpful updated message “It is currently in transit to the next facility.” After finally getting someone in charge on the phone, I was given the reassurance, “It’s not lost. We just don’t know where it is now.”

It did finally arrive, and it was lovely and colorful. Then I realized, unless I was going to wrap it around my face and tie it around my head like a bank robber, I needed some elastic. Better yet, I found someone who not only had plenty of elastic, but could make two masks out of the bandanna. I am beyond thrilled with the results. #ItsTheLittleThings

We are not nearly there yet, and no one can be sure when end-time will arrive. It will definitely come at a cost of many lives, and a battered and exhausted number of first responders who worked grueling schedules and put themselves at personal risk on the battlegrounds. There are also the plethora of Good Samaritans who helped in so many diverse ways: sewing face masks using donated fabric or fabric they bought in bulk, repairing vintage N-95 masks using an engineering technique discovered by Tufts University School of Medicine, retooling an existing business to produce hand sanitizer or full face plastic masks, starting up a GoFundMe account to be able to pay struggling local restaurants to deliver meals to exhausted medical staff and first responders, and so many more, local and global.

When the world finally opens its doors, I think I will have the greatest Happy Hour ever, and will begin with a long list of gratitude, starting at the top.

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