Jo Ann Jaacks: He’s a true original

Blackii, who is running for governor in Kentucky.

File this under “Who’d a thunk it” — Blackii is running for Governor of Kentucky!

My friend Ken Jolly, a musician in the Nashville area, shared this wild message with me recently. From what I can tell from reading shared messages, Blackii (also known as Cliff Hanger), is also a musician, a poet, a brilliant wordsmith; a hilarious off-color comedian, and a dude with absolutely no filters who is coming out with a book of his musings and rants this October.

His unofficial announcement read: “I will again be running as The Dark Horse Candidate, a mere Independent Write-In affiliated with NO Political Cults, with no budget, no bumper-stickers, no yard signs and billboards, no faux-patriotic flag waving, nor empty ‘nannie-promises’ to wipe your noses . . . and NO attack ads either, a waste of cash, as these fools expose themselves. As a Former Fifth Grade Schoolteacher, I say that ole B**** shot himself in the foot by demeaning the Teachers.

Folks, after having been “narrowly defeated” in 2015 by B**** by a MERE half-million votes, I know that with only 6 weeks left, and no Big TV News coverage, there is No Way I can Win . . . By Much. Thank you for Betting on Blackii!”

When asked to describe his musical background, he said, “That is a lengthy answer, but the Cliff Notes would say I am a classically trained pianist from age 5.75 to 17.3 and a schooled trumpeter from age 10 and guitar player since about 13. I have played the guitar in an Opening Act Folk Trio for Peter, Paul & Mary, played piano in BB King’s joint in Times Square and blew the trumpet in JFK’s Inaugural in 1961. I am a real-life Forrest Gump, I reckon, but maybe not as smart. But I DO know what Love IS — Jennn-nay!”

After becoming Facebook friends, Blackii told me he’s coming to New York in October to play some gigs in the Village and suggested we meet up. My first thought was — I know the perfect friend to bring with me on that expedition. She is an artist, a hilarious off-color comedian, and a gal with absolutely no filters. She’s also a bit of a psychic who recently pissed off a ghost who took immediate revenge, so it might be a good idea to get out of town for a while. But that’s a whole other story.

In the meantime, I urge Kentuckians to Bet on Blackii for Governor!

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