Jo Ann Jaacks: Learning how to Zoom and other lessons and imaginings

Jost a few candles on the coffee table that are lit every day.

I go to the largest supermarket now, the better to maintain my self-imposed 10 feet of distancing, and go at 6 a.m. to thin the crowd. I have my little list all mapped out for efficient grab and go, always use the self-check-out on the end, and move as quickly as possible out the door.

One morning, a man was getting out of his car on the same side I was walking so I immediately hustled to the opposite side. He was walking fast also. For some reason I glanced over at him.

“Good Morning,” he boomed and then waved. I was so surprised, I blurted out “Thank you for talking to me!”

Early on, I knew which walking trails would be the most used, and sure enough, so many cars were parked in front of the same popular path, that it had to be shut down. Such a shame, because “getting out of the house for a walk” is about the only fresh-air exercise available daily. I discovered my own place, and there’s never more than six or seven cars parked in front. I can’t tell anyone where it is, though, because then there might be eight cars.

I can just imagine Disneyworld (if it were still open), decreeing that only 50 percent of the full capacity could be inside the park at any given time, and those missing the mark had to sit in the parking lot (Mickey 7) in their cars, with the windows closed so as not to have any contamination filtering through the air — except of course, the exhaust fumes.

Oh, and the parking lot would be reconfigured to assure each car had a 6 feet of distance on both sides. Waiting in line (obeying the 6-foot line markings) for the most popular rides would practically be a joy after that.

I had my nails done the day before the hammer dropped on all nail salons and barber shops. Just blind luck, and I figured I could go a couple weeks before I would need a manicure. But then the constant (65x daily) hand-washing and sanitizing took their toll, and now I have to sufficiently steady one hand at a time to polish my own fingernails. It’s not the greatest challenge of these times, of course. No, that would be Zoom.

Everyone these days wants to communicate by Zoom, from meetings for municipalities, to church services and those willing to be interviewed for a story. I have my first Zoom meeting coming up so I did some research on an app that everyone, including Zoom, claims is easy and quick. Well, no, not really, because it offers so many options that are immaterial to my use, and so far has refused to answer my online questions because I refused to create my own personal account. Hey, Zoom, after you prove to be that you are indeed easy and quick, I will not be paying for my own personal account. Convince me!

My best mind-calming hack these days is to light a candle. I currently have a dozen candles of various scents and sizes on my living room cocktail table. I will soon need to re-order from Amazon.

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