Letter: Morris resident thanks those who spoke out against concerts

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To the Editor:

A heartfelt thanks to all the Morris residents that took the time to write the incredible amount of statements against the South Farms PDD, attended the four-hour hearing, and all those behind the scenes that worked tirelessly to keep the town residents informed of events. Even though I experienced the concert series firsthand, after hearing several hours of statements, I now fully realize the scope of just how far reaching the suffering was, and it was heartbreaking to watch many of those people speak.

Anyone that attended the hearing would agree. I truly believe that the few in attendance from out of town that went to the meeting leaning in favor of the venue that didn’t experience the noise and lights firsthand, left the meeting with a different opinion of just how invasive the events were last year. The 100 or so residents against the venue are a vast mix of people, young and old, — not just elderly people set in their ways.

I realize and can appreciate that many did not wish to speak out for personal reasons and work/friendship relations, and applaud those that decided to do so anyway. This is a time when Morris needs its residents to stand tall. The future of Morris as a small rural town is at stake like never before in its history. An outdoor concert venue in the center of a residential subdivision in a rural town cannot be allowed under any conditions regardless of the applicant’s last name. Approve one, you’ll have to approve them all. Let’s not open Pandora’s box. Current Morris zoning regulations protect the residents from outdoor music; there is no reason to change them. All previous PDDs in town have special clauses that state, no noise can leave the property among other stringent restrictions. East Morris residents deserve no less.

Chuck Aleksinas

Litchfield Road, Morris

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