Article on visit to Havana

To the Editor,

This is the most outrageous article I can imagine regarding impressions by someone who visited Havana for an afternoon and on a cruise ship. The statement that there are no hotels is ridiculous, there being numerous hotels everywhere. A visit to Hemingways’s house is not visiting Havana and the Cuban people and your impressions are ridiculous, outrageous and lack insight. I feel incredulous by this printed nonsense.

Cuba of course is a most wonderful culture with a difficult history but it is amazing how they have been able to survive and thrive despite the handicaps imposed mostly by our governments embargo.

I would advise the Cuban experts who wrote this article to go back and spend some time with Cubans I am certain you will realize the great mistakes you have made,

But of course we all know now that we are not able to visit for the time being. What a shame! Many people now struggle again after the terribly disappointing return to austerity after their hopes were destroyed while they experienced a momentary positive time and anticipation after their hope of an increase in tourism has been quelled again and now of course they are severely disappointed and some financially struggling again.

I pray and hope that after we return to a more rational government we will continue to improve relationships and help the Cuban people to have hope again and enjoy a life the Cuban people so desperately deserve. Believe me that there is a Hell of a lot more going on in Cuba than there is in Litchfield County.

Frank Tosto,


Connecticut Media Group