So, just what is it that a Little Free Library Steward does? Here are the highlights from a busy week in my world here at Little Free Library at StoneHill.

One of my favorite visitors from Watertown pulled in for a book and asked me if I had children’s books to donate to the Driggs School in Waterbury. Without hesitation I said yes, and with contact information in hand I got to work arranging my first visit to Driggs.

With just one post on my Facebook page asking for kids books, my car was filled to the brim with a few days! What a wonderful day meeting Kelly Pinho the SVP at Driggs Elementary School. The 5th-graders helped unload all the books into the cafeteria. This is wonderful! Keep the children’s books coming everyone, because the Waterbury School system has a Summer Reading Challenge with a really BIG number. I am happy to transport them. As soon as my Honda CRV was empty from my school donation, two more fans contacted me to pick up more books.

Now off I go to deliver to the newest Little Free Library location at Mohawk Mountain Ski Area in Cornwall, charter #94958. This book box is popular for readers of all ages. When I begin restocking, there is one of the tiniest skiers I ever saw on the slopes crying for some hot chocolate. Then the tears started to flow, I turned to her and gave her a book with kittens on the cover — there you go. Now parents and the tiny skier are all smiles. This was their first time using Little Free Library, and they are going back home to New York to search for more. Pull up to find one in your neighborhood!

The next visitor is a gentleman who has been using this book box at the lodge. He looked through the new arrivals and picked one up. He is skiing on Monday, and spending “Tuesdays with Morrie.” What a great book! I think I have restocked it in at least 10 other locations.

I am so grateful to everyone who has helped make this Little Free Library. My friend Sheila found the nightstand to upcycle, on the side of the road. She knew I would find a place for it. The sign was painted by Charlotte of a Rustic Charm in Woodbury. Charlotte has painted many “Take a book. Leave a book.” signs for our locations.

Our next project is The Grandfather Clock Little Free Library. The empty clock was donated by Sue in Watertown. After shelves are added to charter #95902 it will be delivered to a location in, you guessed it, Thomaston, the home of Seth Thomas Clocks!

It takes a village to make it all happen. Spring is around the corner with many more locations in the Litchfield Hills and beyond. We will be gathering at selected locations this June with a big event and need sponsors, raffle prizes and anyone who wants to join in creating Little Free Library at StoneHill. The event on the year, is The Wonderland Ride. I will be there as Queen of Hearts.

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