I always say, “It takes a village” when I list all the hands it takes to make each book box into a Little Free Library. Since we are all staying in our homes, I am grateful to the artists who are in their studios with time to help our mission. Our goal is to bring Little Free Libraries to city schools.

Calling all artists — pick up a book box and tell a story on it. Paint it with your illustration to attract everyone to Take A Book and let their imagination whisk them away. You can pick up a book box here at StoneHill or I can happily deliver it to your door. I have eight real estate boxes waiting for you to work your magic.

Last Saturday was my first day out in weeks to deliver book boxes. I loaded my SUV and went to visit my friend Marsha Miles in Torrington. Marsha has many talented neighbors! They worked together to make a barn style Little Free Library with a rooftop garden. On this trip, I dropped the book box to Janet Iffland who was going to start to paint it on the sunniest day we have had all week.

Next, I was off to visit friends who are working on three more book boxes and had porch visits, the new normal. This is so exciting! Every Little Free Library will have a different theme. Contact me at rosebuckensdesigns@yahoo.com to help with our goal. We hope to deliver all the Little Free Libraries to schools in the fall.

Here is our featured artist, Cherie Thompson, who has returned the very first book box with a “Charlotte’s Web” theme. We are lucky to have Cherie since she is already painting holiday artwork for her customers. Cherie lives in Washington Depot. I am one of her loyal customers. My favorite piece is a crow perched on a pumpkin. A country rustic piece that fits into my eclectic home. Cherie jumped from hobbyist to self taught artist with her own store. Now, working from home, you can find her pieces on Facebook at The County Coroner and at Soulbury in Woodbury. We are so lucky she took time out of her busiest season of the year to paint a Little Free Library for us. She says she “literally has warmth in her heart.” She knows the joy this will bring to the community.

I am looking forward to the start of summer with all my Little Free Libraries completed and ready to donate to neighborhood city schools. Hope we can gather and celebrate the new normal safe distancing. Let’s write that chapter together.

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